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How to measure the informal impact of employees through network analysis?


How to work with internal influencers within Employer branding?

10. novembra 2021 09:00 - 11:30

HubHub Na příkopě 14 110 00 Praha - Nové Město or online stream

You can look forward to inspirational themes divided into two blocks:

Ján Uriga

Ján Uriga
Innovation & EX/CX Consultant

How to measure the informal impact of employees through network analysis?

Do you know how to map, get to know and understand relationships in the workplace? Do you know how to find out who your key people, internal influencers in the company are and with whom they have the strongest relationship? How to ensure that important management information reaches all employees through informal paths? The lecture on social network analysis will offer an objective mathematical way to reliably measure this impact and at the same time reveal a view of the organization as well as no survey of satisfaction or engagement.

Ján is a persistent creative with a sense of humor, which is manifested mainly by the fact that he brings simplicity, playfulness and often unconventional elements in solving client problems. He regularly declares war on routine activities and often defeats it. He likes to combine the results of basic research in the human sciences (especially psychology, where I obtained a PhD in social intelligence research leaders) with modern trends in the industry, supplemented by good analytical input. It occurs most often in projects related to the introduction of innovations, change of corporate culture, management and implementation of strategic changes. He also deals with the application of behavioral economics in the practice of companies in the form of programs for the development of customer and employee experience. He gained experience working in the Bratislava self-government, in a multinational IT company and for the last 12 years by working in the management structures of consulting companies - the so-called Big 4 - on global projects.

Oliver Jakubík

Oliver Jakubík
HR & Brand Consultant

How to work with internal influencers within Employer branding?

In employer branding strategy and activities we work with a number of communication models, but we often forget one of the most important - internal influencers and ambassadors have the power to reliably and attractively present our employer brand, activate internal processes or help realistically accept and fulfill management changes and visions in teams across the organization. How to identify internal influencers, how to work with them and which common mistakes or risks to watch out for? We will talk about this together at Experience Talks.

Oliver studied a mix of humanities and already during his university studies he started working as a salesman and sales manager. He later held top sales and management positions, where he successfully led strategic and sales teams from 5 to 120 employees. Since 2008, together with a team of lecturers and consultants, he has been helping companies, managers and entrepreneurs in the field of personal development and development of the employer's brand (HR marketing / Employer branding), within his own consulting company.

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